JOLI Coquette                                     
This Upper and Lower Eyeliner is designed as a Cat eye appearance. Thickness and color is based on Preference. It can range from very natural to a more defined look. Upper and Lower liners are beautifully connected.

Eyelash Enhancement                       
A very thin natural eyeliner on the rim of the upper or lower eyelid. This enhancement is not meant to appear as eyeliner, it just gives the eye the effect of having natural darker fuller eyelashes.

 Upper Eyeliner                                     
A thin, medium or thick eyeliner on the rim of  the upper eyelid. Although natural appearing,it is designed to be a visible eyeliner.  Thickness, color and design is based on preference and is determined at  consultation.

Lower Eyeliner                                     
 A thin to medium eyeliner on the rim of the lower eyelid. Although natural it is designed to appear as eyeliner within the eyelash line of the eye. Color choice and liner thickness is based on preference and taste.

French Trim                                          
A very thin white/beige line placed above the upper  Black eyeliner. The French Trim makes the eye appear more open and pronounced. This is ideal for women who prefer a more “done up” eye makeup look.

Joli Eyeliner
Eyeliner has always been a way to enhance your eyes and create any eye shape you desire. Eyeliner will frame the eyes, give them shape and provide a more open, younger and less tired look.  Permanent eyeliner eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners or pencils and improves the appearance of missing, thin, or light colored lashes. A beautifully designed eyeliner enhancement naturally adds depth, intensifies eye color and makes eyes appear more attractive.Type your paragraph here.

Step 1. Have it Your Way
Every person has a distinct style and personal taste. Some clients want their Eyeliner to be a thin cat eye effect or a medium 3/4 Eyeliner and others just want an enhancement and not an eyeliner look. Whatever your preference, we can achieve your desired look. At consult we discuss the eyeliner effect that you would like to achieve.

STYLE: Cat Eye, Small Wing, Connected, 3/4 Line THICKNESS: Choose from Thin, Medium, Thick or Barely There ​COLOR:Jet Black, Soft Black, Black/Brown, Dark Brown, Grey/Blue

Step 2. Wow that's Numb!
One of the major concerns when it comes to eyeliner is the fear of pain. The good news is that the eye is numbed for about 20 minutes before the procedure begins. You may feel some discomfort mainly due to the fact that we are working on your eye, but the numbing cream is extremely effective. Clients always ask if there has been anyone who was not able to go through the procedure. The answer is No. Surprisingly it is a very tolerable

Step 3. That's really dark!
Once the procedure is completed the Eyeliner looks very dark and the eyes look may look puffy and swollen. There is no way around that. Swelling and puffiness usually lasts from 1-4 days. As the swelling goes down the color starts to fade. It takes about 1 week for the eyes and eyeliner to heal.