Step 1:       "Lets Chat"

Always begins with a Consult. At this time the entire procedure is explained in detail, questions and concerns are addressed, paperwork is filled out and I analyze your facial features, expressions and natural brows. Also,  I look for inconsistencies in shape and symmetry and hair growth and use this time to create an idea of a proposed shape. This time is also important because the client and I discuss what kind of shape and result is expected.

Step 2:        "Design Time"

By far the most important and crucial element to the success of a Permanent Cosmetics procedure. A new or enhanced proposed eyebrow is created by hand with a pencil. Once we establish a style that I am satisfied with I show it to the client for approval and changes are made to the new shape until the client is 100% satisfied. You must absolutely love the shape I am proposing before I begin the procedure.

Step 3:  "Wow that's Dark!"

Immediately after the procedure the eyebrow is saturated with pigment. No matter the color we choose it always looks super dark, but I promise it will not stay that way. Eyebrows can fade approximately 40% within the first 10 days. At this point clients say " I love the shape, but its too dark".  I reassure you that it will fade and explain aftercare and what you can expect as you heal.

Step 4:        "Love my Brows!"

What a difference 4 weeks can make. Eyebrows heal and with each passing day they look softer and more natural. I always explain that Permanent Makeup is a Process and for your procedure to be successful you must be patient and understand that they will fade and although it maybe a little scary in the beginning, you will love the freedom of having beautiful eyebrows and never having to wear eyebrow pencil again.

Permanent Makeup  is a Process.

Joli Eyebrows





Eyebrows are, without a doubt, considered to be one of our most important facial features. Eyebrows provide a structure and frame for the rest of our facial attributes. I often say that "Eyebrows Speak" and they can tell many things about a person and their personality. Poorly shaped Brows may also give the wrong message and may give the wrong perception entirely. A well designed eyebrow can enhance your natural features and can give your face a boost of sophistication and attractiveness instantly.  

          Eyebrows can be a very sensitive issue for many, especially if you are facing hair loss, due to over plucking, age or illness. Whatever the reason, feeling uncomfortable or not satisfied with your current eyebrow situation can limit you from enjoying daily activities with ease and comfort and without concern over your Brows. Permanent Makeup may be an option to consider. Consults are always recommended to help answer any questions or concerns.