​246 South Ave, Fanwood, NJ 


6day 100 hour Primary Training Course $5000.00

(Includes Kit)

NJ Apprentice Program

3 Eyebrow Procedures $1425.00

3 Eyeliner Procedures $1200.00

3 Lip Liner Procedures $ 750.00

Apprentice $3375.00

Total Cost $8375.00

Joli Visage Training


New Jersey Practitoners Requirements:

  • Pass the approved 60 hour training program
  • 2 Eyebrows, 2 Eyeliners, 2 Lips procedures performed during training
  • 3 Eyebrows, 3 Eyeliners, 3 Lip procedures during apprentice program

Who should attend the permanent makeup training course?
This course is the entry point for individuals who either wish to set up their own Permanent Makeup business or who would like to enhance the treatments offered at a salon or clinic. You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but must have a steady hand, an eye for detail and the confidence to sell yourself. The course will take you from complete novice to fully confident, certified practitioner.
What topics are covered in your semi-permanent makeup training course?

  • Creating brow shapes and placement
  • Lip line and lip enhancements
  • Eyeliner shapes and placement
  • Trouble shooting
  • Legislation and guidelines
  • Marketing and client retention
  • Profile of your client
  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Anatomy and physiology of the face
  • Consultations and contradictions
  • Equipment and needle usage
  • Color and pigment theory
  • An overview of permanent makeup and how you can advance your profession.


  • When passing the approved 60 hour course, it is MANDATORY to perform an additional 9 procedures under supervision.
  • When all in total 15 procedures have been performed ( 6 from training class, 9 additional class apprentice procedures) next would be to take your Board Certification Test.

What will you receive when you complete your diploma course?
On successful completion of the course you will receive a Certification of Attendance. Once you have completed your case studies and portfolio you will receive a Diploma of Excellence and you are able to fully market yourself and start to see big returns on your investment.

Non regulated state requirements:

  • Proof of one year of clinical practice experience
  • Proof  of Business License
  • Proof of training

Cost and Fees

Joli Visage Institute is a licensed Permanent Cosmetic facility and training program conducted by Andrea Lopez, Master Permanent Cosmetics Specialist, and is approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. This course has a strong concentration on design and aesthetic that will give you the skills to truly achieve beautiful work and set yourself apart. The Diploma training course consists of a balance of theory, demonstrations and practical work and will teach you the 3 basic aspects of cosmetic tattooing: Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip Liner.